Month: October 2020

Haag’s Heavy Equipment Team

Haag’s experts expertly handle heavy equipment files, including cranes and lifts. 

  • We are please to announce that Tony Bond, P.E., St. Louis Branch Manager and Principal Engineer, is Haag’s new Heavy Equipment Practice Area Leader. Tony has been with Haag since 2008 and has 27 years of experience with cranes, aerial lifts, conveyors, and heavy equipment. He is the former VP of Engineering at Elliott Equipment Company, has in-depth knowledge of the design and operation of cranes— including duties and responsibilities of crane operators—aerial lifts, and heavy equipment, and has performed over 300 forensic evaluations of the same. 

  • Travis Wells, P.E., Esq., CFEIis a Senior Engineer in Dallas, Texas, who also has handled various aspects of heavy equipment and crane files, such as tower cranes, hydraulic cranes, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, crane dolly’s, crane roadway accidents, aerial lifts, swing stages, building maintenance units, hydraulic lifts, earth moving equipment, vacuum trucks, pump trucks, and more. His background of accident reconstruction and his law degree give him a unique skillset with handling such files. 

  • Bolstering our roster of experts is new Principal Consultant Robert Charles “Bob” Berry, based in Tampa, Florida. Bob has 45 years of industry experience focused on cranes and construction safety. Bob was previously the Corporate Director of Safety/Head Instructor for Sims Crane. He has experience as a crane operator and with all aspects of lifts. Bob has numerous NCCCO and other certifications, extensive training experience with NCCCO and OSHA, and is an OSHA compliance/violations expert. His experience and expertise make him a great and timely addition to our team.

  • Peter Ostrowski, P.Eng., Ph.D., Senior Structural Engineer in Toronto, Canada, has over 30 years of professional experience with cranes and lifting equipment. He also has three decades’ experience with equipment related to the nuclear industry. He has authored, taught, and presented as a subject matter expert throughout his career. 

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