Haag has several specialists with degrees in both meteorology and engineering, including Dr. Christine Alfano, who has achieved the Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) designation from the American Meteorological Society. Dr. Alfano is the only P.E. in the U.S. with a CCM designation.

Zachary Wienhoff is an engineer and meteorologist, and has worked on quantitative precipitation estimation algorithm focused on improving rainfall estimates and conducted field research on studying tornado/supercell dynamics and nocturnal convection. 

Fred Campagna, CCM, CBM, is a Senior Forensic Meteorologist with Haag Global. He is a veteran on-air meteorologist with 25 years’ experience. Fred has worked as forensic and consulting meteorologist for 11 years. He provides private forecasts for weather-dependent businesses and municipalities, consulting meteorology for civil and insurance-related legal cases, and courtroom and deposition testimony.

Kyle Pittman is an Associate Forensic Meteorologist with Haag Global. Mr. Pittman is currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Northern Illinois University. 

Tim Marshall, P.E., has a combined background in meteorology and civil engineering. He was a key contributor to the development of the Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale used operationally by the National Weather Service since 2007 to rate tornadoes.

Our meteorologists have participated in several large-scale, post-disaster surveys for tornadoes and hurricanes to assess weather effects on building performance. They’ve conducted detailed meteorological analyses of severe weather events including hail, thunderstorm winds, tornadoes, etc., to support observations during their engineering inspections. Our experienced meteorologists have provided expert testimony as both meteorologists and engineers in cases involving roof and building envelope performance across the country.

Meteorological services include

  • Detailed meteorological analyses of weather events (hail, tornadoes, thunderstorm winds, etc.)
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Storm surveys
  • Precipitation/temperature/wind analysis

To speak to one of Haag’s Meteorologist about your project, contact us or call 800-527-0168 or 214-614-6500.

Hail evaluation for a property.
Meteorologists are able to review site-specific radar imagery and correlate it with storm reports, site inspection, etc.