what we do

Haag consultants quickly and effectively determine the scope of damage and map out the most efficient path to recovery. Our team has worked with a national assortment of clients to determine project details and achieve an agreed scope of repairs, based on the facts.

Haag provides everything you need to move forward after a catastrophe–we assess the damage, develop the scope, document the damage, determine and engage any additional experts, define and control the cost, and provide a defensible report. The result: accurate costs, compressed time lines, and satisfied clients.

Areas of Expertise

Clerk of Works

As your clerk of works, Haag Consultants provide daily project oversight of your entire recovery process. Starting with the initial estimates and bid process, through contractor selection, job tracking and finish-out, we can manage your project for minimal business interruption and maximum satisfaction.

Construction disputes

Haag consolidates traditional construction and forensic engineering subject matter experts to provide independent counsel on assessment of disputes covering all industry sectors. Learn more. 

Estimates & Appraisals

Haag Construction Consultants have appraised industrial, commercial and residential properties. We have qualified, experienced appraisers on staff ready to complete your appraisal. We analyze the property and condition, land, upgrades, and market value to provide an accurate, useful valuation summary. Trust Haag’s almost 100 years of experience and integrity to provide the best, most accurate appraisal.


If there is a dispute or litigation, Haag can provide the photo documentation, critical damage analysis and accounting to accurately present the facts. But that is just the beginning. Haag experts are renowned not only for the accuracy of their information but also for the compelling manner in which they are able to communicate it.

Restoration Consulting

Once the work begins, Haag will oversee your restoration process, drawing on our wealth of experience in recovery projects resulting from fire, water, wind, explosion, earth movement and other forms of damage. From the high priority emergency repairs, down to the carpet and wall treatments, Haag consultants hold your contractors strictly to the script.


Haag Construction Consultants assess electronic/manufacturing equipment and electrical switchgear after catastrophic events. Our assessment will provide accurate technical restoration prices, repair quotes and replacement costs for equipment. This information will help create a budget for repairs or determine if repair is cost effective. We provide the best approach to recovering technical equipment after a catastrophic event.

Our Locations

Haag operates offices, satellite offices and special catastrophe offices to help meet our clients needs worldwide.

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