laser scanning &

3d documentation

3D Laser Scanning (3DLS) is a technology that uses a laser light to digitally capture an objects exact size and shape, shown in a 3-dimensional representation. The information produced from the laser scanner is known as “point cloud” data. The 3D model or shape of the object is made up of millions of points documenting the entire surface of the object. On average, a scan records one million points every second. Point clouds are highly accurate, precise and measureable points of the surface of the object. Laser scanning is safe, fast, non-destructive and does not interfere with any other work or activities going on near the object. Point cloud data can be imported into multiple software platforms for further analysis and modeling and is viewable without the need for special software.

Deliverables are tailored to the individual needs of each client:

  • Post-processed point clouds can be directly exported to AutoCAD, Revit, NavisWorks, MicroStation, Rhino, and other CAD platforms
  • Point clouds can be geo-referenced to existing site dimensional survey control


  • Non-destructive, non-contact data capture technique
  • Reduce costly ‘return’ site visits
  • Rapid data capture of large volumes with increased accuracy
  • Measurements can be made quickly and easily
  • Point clouds can be checked and measured using free viewing software, from any scan location
  • Digital records
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