When an industrial, commercial, or residential structure fails, Haag’s civil/structural expert engineers will be there to determine the cause of failure and extent of damage. Our staff has investigated structural failures due to design problems, construction deficiencies, excessive loading, explosions, fires, weather, seismic events, foundation movement, and other causes. 

Haag has a nearly century-long track record of analyzing damage caused by weather phenomena, including hail, snow, ice, wind, storm surge, flooding, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Haag engineers analyze industrial complexes, commercial structures, multi-family developments, agricultural facilities, communication towers, earthen dams, bridges and roadways, major public buildings, and marine structures and vessels. Haag’s civil engineers analyze site drainage including retention ponds and buried drainage structures and can determine if these were properly designed and/or installed. 

Civil/structural engineering assignments:
  • Structural Integrity Assessments
  • Residential and Commercial Property Evaluations
  • Moisture Intrusion Analysis
  • Construction Defects, Disputes, and Accidents
  • Geotechnical Evaluations
  • Bridge Damage Analysis (impact, collapse, design issues)
  • Industrial and Agricultural Facilities
  • Premise Liability Evaluations
  • Vibration Damage Evaluations
  • Catastrophic and Weather-related Damage Evaluations

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