construction, lifts, &

heavy equipment

Haag’s expert engineers will be there to establish cause and extent of failure related to construction, cranes, and heavy equipment. Our staff includes engineers with expertise related to aerial lifts, cranes and rigging, and other heavy machinery.

Haag’s aerial lift experts will examine machinery and accident scenes to find the cause of tip-overs, crushing, striking, electrocution, falls, component failures, and structural failures.

Haag’s crane experts specialize in examining accident scenes, loads, lift plans, weather conditions, and training and communication issues to find an accident’s cause, as well as establishing duties and responsibilities of the parties involved in accordance with national standards. 

Haag’s Construction Consulting group will evaluate costs associated with damages, delays and changes and scheduling issues associated with the event, as well as providing clerk of the works and project management services following an accident or weather associated event.

Haag has construction claim experts who can evaluate the impact of construction incidents on the project’s quantum and schedule.  We also have expertise with OSHA and MSHA citations.  Our experts have worked extensively for both owners and contractors.

Construction engineering assignments:
  • Aerial Lift Accidents (boom lifts, scissor lifts, vehicle-mounted lifts, and towable trailer lifts)
  • Construction Delay Claims/Disputes
  • Construction Defects (more info here)
  • Crane Accidents (lift planning, accident analysis, rigging failures, dropped/lost load, collapse, overturn, stability issues, training, controls issues, weather associated events, etc.)
  • Heavy Equipment Accidents (telehandlers, excavators, and loaders)
  • OSHA Citations
  • Scaffolding Collapse/Accidents 
  • Component and Weld Failures
  • Manufacturing Defects/Issues
  • Catastrophic and Weather-related Accidents

To find the right Haag Engineer for your construction or crane/heavy equipment assignment, contact us or call 800-527-0168.