Haag Engineer’s roofing expertise is second to none. Our Engineers have been forensically evaluating roofing for over 60 years, and our research/testing studies and peer-reviewed technical papers on roofing extend back to the 1960s. Haag’s expert engineers will be there to establish cause and extent of failure or damage to industrial, commercial, or residential roofs. Our Engineers will investigate damage to roofs due to design problems, construction deficiencies, excessive loading, weather and seismic events, mechanical damage, maintenance issues and other causes. Haag has a nearly century-long track record of analyzing damage caused by weather phenomena, including hail, snow, ice, wind, storm surge, flooding, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Currently, in addition to our forensic evaluations, we offer desaturation, core removal and other types of laboratory analysis through our Haag’s IAS-accredited testing laboratory.  Your assignment will be handled by one of our well-trained, quality Engineers or Architects. 

roof-related engineering assignments:
  • Roof reparability versus replacement analysis
  • Residential Roofs (composition, wood shingle/shake, concrete and clay tile, asbestos, fiber cement, and various synthetic, slate, metal, and more)
  • Commercial and Industrial Roofs (built-up roofing, polymer-modified bitumen roofing, thermoplastic single-ply roofs (PVC and TPO), thermoset plastic single-ply roofs (EPDM, CSPE, PIB), SPF roofing, metal roofing, vegetated (green) roofing, and more)
  • Roofing Component Analysis
  • Roof Coating Analysis
  • Construction Defects
  • Manufacturing Defects, Design Issues, and/or Installation Errors
  • Catastrophic and Weather-related Damage Evaluations (hail, wind, UV, snow/ice damming, tornado, hurricane, flood and fire damage

To speak to one of Haag’s Engineer’s about your assignment, contact us or call 800-527-0168 or 214-614-6500.