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Haag Global, Inc., is always looking for motivated and talented employees ready to join our team, all over the United States and Canada. Make an impact by joining an exciting and dynamic team of professionals. Click the button down below to explore our career opportunities.



One of Haag’s core values is employee growth, recognition, and ownership. We support and encourage our employees’ desires and efforts to continue their education through continuing education classess, certifications, degrees, and other opportunities. We want our team to see their potential and reach for promotions and advancements, and Haag will provide tuition reimbursement to employees.



At Haag we generously contribute to our employees’ benefits programs. 

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Culture is paramount to Haag, and a main reason we are thriving after 100 years in business. As an employee-owned company and a consulting firm, our people are the key to our sucess, and we value our employees, their families, and their health. 

Haag hosts monthly, quarterly and annual events to foster positive company culture and encouarge relationship building. Events include company meetings with activities, a company-wide day of service, golf tournaments, axe throwing, bowling days, social lunches and receptions, a company party– and many more. 

We encourge our staff to become an owner of Haag– to have a voice and a vote in the company. Employee ownership perpetuates our culture, directs our future, and exemplifies our values.


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Haag supports and encourages our employees to serve in their communities. We encouarge all employees to participate in Haag’s Day(s) of Service initiative (usually in February). We offer company-paid days of service, and we provide avenues for employees to contribute of their time locally to causes that are meaningful to them. Service days not only support our communities, but promote team-building and employee morale.