Restoring a Fire-Damaged High-Rise

Fire damaged three floors of an apartment tower; smoke and water damaged the rest. Haag consultants created the plan for setting things right, and for keeping the loss from growing in scope and cost.

The direct fire damage was extensive — three of the nine floors in a Little Rock residential high-rise — and the water and soot damage was comprehensive. All nine floors required expert evaluation and restoration. Haag Construction Consultants became the central figures, working with the adjuster, contractors, and municipal building officials to determine the scope, cost, and timeline for putting things right. That required careful analysis of what could be repaired, what required replacement, and what each would cost. In addition, our Haag consultants were asked to identify potential environmental exposures, especially with regard to indoor air quality and possible improper mitigation practices. Not only did Haag give all the interested parties a complete, clear picture of the loss, we also helped identify tasks that required urgent attention to prevent the loss from growing in scope and costs.

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