Fire At A Medical Building

Haag inspected for fire, smoke, and water damage, photo-documented the loss, wrote a detailed scope and estimate for restoration, and addressed code compliance issues. The building was restored within two weeks.

When fire gutted one suite of a 5,500-square-foot medical plaza, smoke, soot, and water affected the entire two-story building. Haag Construction Consulting provided a rapid response: inspecting, diagraming, and digitally photographing the entire facility. Our investigation found contamination throughout the HVAC system; dead air spaces above ceilings also suffered severe smoke and soot fallout. Working closely first with the mitigation contractor and then with the general contractor, we established a scope and cost for the mitigation and mapped out a plan for completing the project with minimal disruption to tenants’ day-to-day operations. Within two weeks the entire medical plaza had returned to normal operation.

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