Month: June 2017

June 2017 Blog Post


Haag Engineering has been offering property damage training with an engineering/scientific perspective, for nearly a quarter of a century.  In 2005, after many requests and suggestions that Haag offer some sort of industry certification, development of the Haag Certified Roof Inspector (HCRI) program, a first of its kind damage assessment certification, began.

In June 2007, Haag proudly rolled out the HCRI-Residential roof program, which very quickly caught the interest of insurance carriers, roofing contractors, engineers and roofing consultants.  The initial feedback about the class exceeded our expectations, and we quickly determined that a second certification on flat roof systems would be up for development next.  In 2009, HCRI-Commercial was rolled out.  Over half of the first few classes of HCRI-C were made up of students who had successfully completed the HCRI-R class.

2012 brought a few changes to the HCRI program. Development began on our first damage assessment certification focusing on all property (not just roof) damage associated with the peril of wind.  We also re-branded the program from HCRI to HCI (Haag Certified Inspector).

Over the course of the last 10 years, over 14,000 people have come through Haag’s three certification programs, and HCI has set the standard for roof and wind damage assessment in the industry.  Haag Certified Inspectors have benefited from their certification with increased knowledge, increased inspection efficiency and confidence and increased credibility amongst their peers. Not to mention the “value adds” that come along with being Haag Certified!

HCI’s get to take advantage of special discounts from product and service providers that service our industry, for example HCIs get automatic “gold” pricing from EagleView on their roof measurements, along with discounts from other companies that service our industry, just for being Haag certified! Another benefit is access to Haag’s wealth of damage assessment expertise through our “Ask an Engineer” program, exclusively for active Haag Certified Inspectors.

Haag Certified Inspectors can look forward to some exciting news coming up this summer and in the next few months.  Additional certification opportunities, special discounts exclusively for HCIs and more.

If you’re not yet Haag Certified, take advantage of our great summer pricing (for classes taking place June-August).  Current HCIs, be looking for our 10th anniversary newsletter coming out in early July with lots of great features and some exciting news!

The staff of Haag Education wishes you all a safe and memorable summer!


Ryan Holdhusen
Vice President- Education