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February 2019 Blog Post

For the First Time – Get Haag Certified Online!

Over the course of Haag’s 95 years in business, Haag has earned the reputation as the cream of the crop of failure and damage consultants. From our work on high profile jobs, to our innovative research and peer-reviewed papers, to our training and education, Haag has consistently been the standard bearer for quality and integrity in the failure and damage industry. The Haag Certified Inspector (HCI) programs are some of the most recent offerings impacting the industry we serve.

Since the early 1980s, Haag has taught hundreds of courses to thousands of adjusters and contractors. In 2007, Haag Education rolled out its first certification program for residential roof (steep slope) inspectors. Haag’s Certification programs tested and “certified” students on their comprehension and understanding of Haag’s damage assessment methods and principles.

In 2019, we are excited to also celebrate the 10th anniversary of our second Certified Inspector program on Commercial Roofs. The HCI-Commercial Roofs program was introduced in 2009 in response to industry demand following the success of HCI-Residential Roofs program. In 2014, Haag Education introduced our third certification on Wind Damage, which certifies those inspecting wind claims on anything related to building envelope from the foundation to roof covering.

Now, for the first time in the history of the Haag Certified Inspector program, Haag Education is happy to announce that industry professionals can now become Haag Certified online! Haag debuted our online version of the HCI-Residential Roofs certification in early February. Our customers are thrilled with the value  and convenience of completing the entire HCI-R program from the comfort of their home or office!

Here are some important things to know about taking the HCI-R course online:

  • The introductory price for the course is only $599 (compared to $949 for classroom)
  • Students must have completed  100+ residential roof inspections to qualify for the HCI-R course (eligibility verification/references validated during registration).
  • Students completing the online HCI-R program will receive the same certification as those who take the course in the classroom.
  • Students have up to 30 days to complete the entire course and the test. (The course will take 12-14 hours to complete, and you are allowed up to 4 hours to take the final exam).
  • The final exam is administered by a third-party online proctoring company and can be completed from your home or office computer (webcam and audio required).
  • You will be provided a secure PDF of the course textbook. It may be viewed in an online viewer or it may be saved to your desktop.
  • Final exam is open book (online textbook may be referenced)
  • CE Credit is not yet available for the HCI-R online program. Applications pending.

Set yourself apart from the crowd. Join the ranks of the 18,000+ current Haag Certified Inspectors and become a more accurate, confident and efficient residential roof inspector by earning your Haag Certified Inspector – Residential Roofs certification online today!  Now more convenient and less expensive than ever before!  Visit today.

–Ryan Holdhusen, Vice President of Haag Education Co.

Ryan Holdhusen oversees the management and strategic growth of Haag Education. He manages Haag’s line of seminars, certification programs, and products/tools. He assess product concept, development, marketing, sales and operations. Ryan has been with Haag since May 2002.

Haag Welcomes Adam Croker, P.E.,


Haag Engineering welcomes Adam Croker, P.E., new engineer in New Jersey (Cherry Hill/Moorestown area).

“We are very pleased to welcome Adam Croker to the team,” said Justin Kestner, President/CEO. “Adam’s broad experience, coupled with his FEMA search and rescue team training and deployments, provide him with an ideal background. Adam is a civil/structural professional engineer based in South Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, who will enable Haag to better serve our clients in the Northeast.”

  • For the past 7 years, Adam has conducted structural inspections on bridges, culverts, and overhead inspections, including in emergency situations.
  • He has managed land development projects, designed water/wastewater systems, and provided construction management oversight for highway construction.
  • Adam earned a Bachelors of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Rowan University.
  • He is FEMA NJTF-1 Urban Search & Rescue Unit, Structures Specialist, and has NICET Highway Construction, NJ SAT Asphalt Paving Construction, and NJ ACI Concrete Field Testing certifications.

Adam Croker, P.E., Engineer in New Jersey,