Development-Wide Construction Defects Evaluation

Basic Fact Pattern
  • Development of 250 units, including a clubhouse building, townhomes, and single family residences.
  • Alleged construction defects in the exterior claddings resulting in systemic moisture intrusion and underlying structural damage.
  • Exterior claddings consisted of combinations of vinyl siding, hardcoat stucco, and adhered stone veneer.
  • Alleged damages included complete re-cladding of all buildings.
Investigative Sciences Employed
  • All 250 buildings were visually inspected.
  • Moisture probe tests were performed on a representative sampling of buildings of each type.
  • Destructive test cuts were performed and a separate representative sampling of buildings of each type.
  • Detailed analyses of opposing expert investigational methods were performed.
  • Comprehensive code analysis was performed across the three building codes represented across the timeframe of construction for the differing phases of the development.
Determinations Made
  • Actual moisture intrusion was minimal, localized, isolated, and associated with discrete, non-systemic causes.
  • Complete exterior re-cladding was not required.
  • A remedial action plan was developed, along with a cost to perform the repairs.
  • Litigation support services were also provided throughout alternative dispute resolution.
Involved Experts: 

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