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Haag Releases Haag Panel & Membrane Gauge™



Haag Education Introduces New Estimating Tool, the Haag Panel & Membrane Gauge™

Following the success of the Haag Shingle Gauges, Haag’s Research/Testing department creates a new gauge for estimating the thickness of steel and aluminum panels and single-ply membranes. 

IRVING, TX (Feb. 25, 2015)The Haag Panel and Membrane Gauge™ is the latest addition to Haag’s industry-leading collection of tools for today’s claim and assessment professionals.  The Haag Panel and Metal Gaugeworks as an accurate measuring tool on a variety of aluminum and steel panels—coated and uncoated—as well as single-ply membranes. It is the first of its kind, engineered for the precision needed to measure some of the thinnest roofing products in use today.

The Haag Panel and Membrane Gauge™ can be used to estimate the thickness of steel panels (including uncoated, galvanized or Galvalume® ─ with or without additional coating  ─ and coated panel types).  For aluminum, it may be used to gauge uncoated and anodized panels. Uniquely, it also includes a press-fit magnet, used to differentiate most aluminum panels from steel. Beyond metal panels, the gauge may be used to estimate the widths of the most common types of single-ply membranes (not including modified bitumen, self-adhering, or fleece-backed membranes). 

Other gauges on the market today are capable only of estimating a single type of material ─ uncoated steel panels ─ and are therefore inaccurate as estimating tools on most metal roofs during damage assessment.  All coatings (including galvanized, Galvalume®, and paint) add thickness to metal panels.  Even though the differences in these thicknesses may measure to the thousandths of an inch, the costs of suggesting a similar, but incorrect, replacement material can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.  The Haag Panel and Metal Gauge™ solves this problem.

Scott Morrison, P.E., Haag Principal Engineer and Research/Testing Director, lead the development of Haag’s popular Shingle Gauges™, as well at the Haag Panel and Membrane Gauge™.  “To create this new tool, our research and testing process involved close examination of published industry standards,” said Mr. Morrison. “We wanted to find the measurable differences in the roofing types and coating thicknesses, and we did.” 

Justin Kestner, P.E., Haag Principal Engineer and President & CEO, aided in the development of the new tool. “This new gauge meets the strictest analytical tolerances possible.  We believe this tool will fill a void for industry professionals who don’t want to play guessing games in the field,” said Mr. Kestner.

Haag Education proudly manufactures the Haag Panel and Membrane Gauge™ in the USA.  To protect the estimating slots from wear and tear, we’ve created the gauge using specially selected and treated steel.  Most importantly, because differences between thicknesses of metal panels can be measured to the fourth decimal point, the gauge is precisely manufactured to allow for extremely tight tolerances.  

By considering standard coating thicknesses, Haag’s Research/Testing Division has designed a tool that will allow industry professionals to assess damage to more roofs, with more accuracy.  For more information regarding Haag’s Research/Testing process, as well as how to use the gauge, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or visit the product listing on our website at 


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About Haag Education 

Haag Education draws on the expertise of Haag engineers to create our Certification programs, training seminars, and reference books and tools.  The Haag Certified Inspector (HCI) courses are Haag’s premier, comprehensive 3-day training programs designed for intermediate-level professionals.  Haag Education also offers more than 20 on-site seminars on a variety of damage assessment topics, along with a growing library of 1- and 2-hour online seminars for continuing education credit.  To support you beyond the classroom, Haag’s reference books and tools include our handy Damage Assessment Field Guides, featuring five different roofing types, and our estimating gauges for both low-slope and steep-slope roofing applications.

About Haag 

Haag Engineering Co. began in 1924 as a failure and damage consulting firm. Today, Haag is an employee-owned, multi-faceted forensic engineering and consulting company. Our growth results directly from our long-standing commitment to quality while expanding our technical knowledge and services. Haag Engineering performs forensic engineering throughout the world in the fields of civil, structural, architectural, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Haag Research/Testing operates a certified, state-of-the-art laboratory which specializes in material and product testing. Haag Education presents our expert engineers’ scientifically-based approach to damage assessment in our publications and tools, and live and online seminars. Haag Construction Consulting assists our clients with onsite damage assessments, litigation support, clerk of the works, and restoration consulting following a loss. Haag 3-D Solutions provides 3D imaging and BIM technologies to deliver highly accurate, reliable as-built documentation for all types of design and construction projects.


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