Accident Reconstruction – Tractor Truck v Passenger Vehicle

Haag Engineers investigated an accident involving a truck tractor and a passenger vehicle which occurred on an interstate highway.

Haag was asked to analyze a multi-vehicle accident involving a passenger vehicle and a truck tractor. Within 24 hours of the accident, Haag Forensic Engineers arrived on the scene and were able to locate and measure pertinent data including tire marks, roadway gouges, liquid debris, and guardrail damage. We were able to determine the paths of the vehicles prior to and after the collision. We investigated the vehicles to document the location and extent of damage that occurred during the accident. Based on our analysis, we were able to determine the path of the passenger car, events prior to collision with the truck, points of impact during the accident, and how this information confirmed our sequence of events. When witness reports were received, they were consistent with our analysis. 


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