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November 2017 Blog Post

Wind Codes Revisited   Every year in the United States, tornadoes and other high wind events cause damage to wood-frame residential construction.  When these

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July 2017 Blog Post

Haag Helps Repair Military Base in Iraq In early 2017, Dan Behrens, P.E., Haag Senior Engineer, (Minneapolis) traveled to Iraq and spent time living

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June 2017 Blog Post

SETTING THE STANDARD FOR DAMAGE ASSESSMENT TRAINING:HCI’S FIRST DECADE Haag Engineering has been offering property damage training with an engineering/scientific perspective, for nearly a

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May 2017 Blog Post

TWIRL– Tornadic Winds: In-situ and Radar measurements at Low levels Haag engineer Tim Marshall will be part of the TWIRL PROJECT from MAY 7-JUNE 15.

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