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Windows + Hurricanes, September 2023

By Brandon Bealmear, P.E., FMPC, Fenestrations Practice Leader, Forensic Engineer Windows are a barrier system infilled within openings in the wall of a building. Inherently, windows are exposed to contrasting environments on

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November 2018 Blog

Seen and Unseen….The Benefits of Desaturation Testing By Steve R. Smith P.E. Have you ever been examining a built-up roof and encountered a mark

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September 2018 Blog Post

Repairing Foundation Issues All shallow foundations in contact with clay soil will experience some degree of movement, usually seasonally, and an owner should recognize

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August 2018 Blog Post

Hail Yes or Hail No: Was the Metal Roof Really Damaged by Hail? By Justin Kestner, P.E. Disagreement over whether a roof has been

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