Haag Purchases Firensics, Fire Origin & Cause Services

Haag Global, Inc., announced today that it has purchased Firensics, Inc., of Midlothian, Texas, to expand its fire origin and cause service offerings.
“I am excited to have Firensics join the growing Haag team,” said Justin Kestner, P.E., President and CEO. “Firensics supplements and expands our existing origin and cause investigation services. Firensics’ team, reputation, and mission are a great fit, and mirror the quality and integrity that we value so highly at Haag.”
Firensics’ team of fire origin and cause investigators currently is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but available for fire and explosion investigations in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Firensics is dedicated to constant and clear communication, in-depth investigations, and thorough and expedient reports. In addition to origin and cause investigations, Firensics provides HAZMAT investigations, evidence collection and storage, burn testing, code and research analysis, and expert witness testimony.
Firensics will join Haag Technical Services, which offers specialized consulting services including laser scanning and related services, geographic information systems (GIS) services (including cost-saving survey validation), and inspections by small unmanned aerial vehicle systems (sUAS) to Haag’s clients.
Starting today, Haag’s clients can submit fire origin and cause assignments through Firensics.com or HaagTechnicalServices.com.
Haag Global, Inc., began as a failure and damage consulting firm in 1924. Today, Haag is an employee-owned, multi-faceted forensic engineering and consulting company. Haag Engineering performs forensic engineering throughout the world in the fields of civil, structural, architectural, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Haag Construction Consulting provides our clients with estimates, appraisals, litigation support, clerk of works, and restoration consulting following a loss. Haag Research & Testing operates a state-of-the-art, IAS Accredited laboratory which specializes in material and product testing. Haag Education presents our expert engineers’ scientifically-based approach to damage assessment in our publications and trademarked tools, and our live and online seminars.  For more information, please visit HaagGlobal.com.
Edward G. Roberts, IAAI-CFI, 
Director of Fire Investigation Services
Firensics, A Haag Global Company 
Edward G. Roberts is the Director of Fire Investigation Services at Firensics, A Haag Global Company. Our team of certified investigators is dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality forensic investigations of fires and explosions in the industry. Every investigation is conducted employing the Scientific Method, and in compliance with NFPA 1033 and the valid principles and relevant recommended practices of NFPA 921. Don’t take chances– hire Firensics.
Haag Technical Services, Fire O&C
1410 Lakeside Parkway, Suite 100
Flower Mound, Texas 75028
Firensics, A Haag Global Company

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