Haag Certified Reviewer, Level III- Estimating is Here! (For New Adjusters and Desk Adjusters!)

Haag Certified Reviewer, Level III- Estimating is Here! 

Haag’s New Certification For New Adjusters And Desk Adjusters Expands With A New
Level Of Certification!

In 2021, Haag introduced the industry to an all-new professional certification/designation–
the Haag Certified Reviewer (HCR) certification.  For the first time in the history of Haag’s industry certification programs, Haag certification is available to adjusters with little or no field/claims handling or construction experience. 

Levels I & II of the Haag Certified Reviewer program were released to the industry in early 2021 and have provided hundreds of new adjusters and desk adjusters much needed training on basic residential construction and damage assessment for those who may not have the opportunity to be in the field to directly observe and document damage.  This is
what makes the HCR program unique to the industry as the only training available to the public, focused on increasing the knowledge and damage assessment skills of inside
and field adjusters.

Last month, Haag Education rolled out the next level of HCR certification– Level III, Estimating.  The new estimating level consists of two estimating tracks– Xactimate®
and Symbility
. Both the Xactimate® and Symbility trainings were developed by outside
experts and are facilitated by expert users of the platforms. 

  • To take these courses, an attendee must have access to at least one of the estimating platforms, and have completed HCR Level I and Level II. 
  • Each track takes the user through the process of setting up a claim, creating a sketch/floorplan, and creating an estimate from field notes that were taken by a third party.
  • Both tracks cover interior, exterior, and roof sketching and estimating.
    It’s ideal training for someone with little to no estimating platform experience.
  • Before starting the selected estimating track(s) in HCR Level III, each student is must first complete the required “Principles of Scoping” course to lay the foundation of scoping a residential loss, which teaches skills useful to all students, regardless of the estimating
     platform utilized to create estimates.

Those with advanced skills in Xactimate® or Symbility may skip the courses by passing the appropriate test-out exam with a passing minimum score of 90%.

The last level of the Haag Certified Reviewer program, Level IV, will complete the HCR certification. Level IV will consist of several elective courses that you can select based on your needs and interests.  To complete your HCR Level IV certification, you must complete a minimum of 12 hours of classes. 

Look for HCR Level IV to be rolled out this Spring!

For more information about the Haag Certified Reviewer certification, please visit www.HaagCertifiedReviewer.com.

Ryan Holdhusen oversees the management and strategic growth of Haag Education. He manages Haag’s line of seminars, certification programs, and products/tools. He assess product concept, development, marketing, sales and operations. Ryan has been with Haag since May 2002.

Any opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of Haag Engineering Co., Haag Construction Consulting, Haag Education, or parent company, Haag Global, Inc.

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