Celebrating a Century of Forensic Engineering

setting the standard for 100 years: a legacy of forensic innovation

As we kick off 2024, we are thrilled to share a momentous milestone – our 100th year anniversary! For a century, Haag Global has stood at the forefront of innovation, setting the standard as the oldest forensic engineering and consulting firm in the United States. We are proud to be a trusted leader in the field, providing cutting-edge solutions and critical insights to clients from various industries.

President and CEO, Justin Kestner, remarks, As we proudly celebrate 100 years of Haag, we honor the legacy of those who have contributed to our success – our dedicated team, loyal clients, and valued industry partners. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Our commitment to quality and integrity and our team-oriented culture have been the driving forces behind our longevity. Looking ahead, we are excited about the future and advancing the highest standards in forensics and failure and damage consulting.”

Haag 100 Year Anniversary Logo

Haag Global: shaping the future of forensics

Since our founding in 1924, Haag has been a pioneer in the field, shaping the landscape of forensic engineering and consulting. From humble beginnings in Dallas, Texas to a nationwide presence, including Puerto Rico, and now internationally including Canada, our history has been marked by resilience, adaptability and dedication to providing scientific and precise solutions for our clients.

At the heart of our success is a team of passionate professionals who have tirelessly worked to bring understanding and resolve to complex engineering and technical challenges. Our legacy encompasses a diverse range of services, each contributing to our standing as an industry leader ­in forensic engineering, forensic architecture, forensic meteorology, construction consulting, fire origin and cause, forensic research and testing, education courses and training and technology solutions.

A century of Employee-Owned Excellence

Paramount to Haag Global’s success is our commitment to employee ownership – a cornerstone of our company culture. We take pride in fostering a workplace where integrity, quality, service, and our employee growth, recognition and ownership are not just values but a way of life. As an employee-owned firm, every member of our team is invested in delivering top-notch services and delivering on Haag’s mission. 

Haag's mission: Delivering execellence with Integrity

Our mission is clear – deliver independent and industry-leading consulting services with integrity and time-tested expertise. It’s not just a statement; it’s a promise. As we move into the next century of continuing Haag’s mission, our commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation remains stronger than ever. We are poised to embrace new challenges, adapt to evolving industries, and provide cutting-edge solutions that will shape the future of forensic engineering and consulting.

Our dedication to excellence and innovation will drive us forward, ensuring that Haag Global remains a trusted partner to our clients for the next 100 years. For a deeper look into the rich history of Haag, check out our company timeline. Throughout 2024, we will continue to share insights into the events that have shaped our company and how we plan to build on that foundation moving forward. 

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