Expert Spotlight: Justin Kestner, P.E. – CEO, Principal Engineer

Justin Kestner, P.E., MS, MBA - A Leader in Engineering Excellence

Justin Kestner, President, CEO and Principal Engineer of Haag Global, has built a diverse career rooted in forensic engineering consulting and expert witness services. With over 27 years’ engineering experience overall including 18 years of dedicated service at Haag, Justin has ascended through various roles, starting at Haag as an associate engineer and progressing to his present leadership position 10 years ago. His journey has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to his work, an ever-expanding knowledge base, and a dedication to professional development.

Justin’s expertise lies in structural evaluations, roofing system assessments, geotechnical evaluations, moisture source evaluations, and construction defect evaluations. Beyond his executive role, he actively contributes to Haag’s consulting services, providing expert testimony in cases ranging from alleged roofing product defects to building envelope damage/performance, building collapse, intellectual property, and bridge damage/performance.

Justin Kestner, PE, CEO and Principal Engineer

A notable aspect of Justin’s career is his commitment to knowledge sharing and education. He has played a significant role in teaching continuing education courses for Haag Education, co-developing sinkhole-related seminars, and contributing to the creation of Haag’s Certified Inspector programs for roofing damage assessment, both in residential and commercial settings. Additionally, he has shared his findings and insights at industry conferences, such as the Property & Liability Resource Bureau (PLRB) and with student chapters of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Justin recognizes the importance of attending industry conferences as an invaluable source for staying abreast of emerging technologies. He continues to foster the dialogue from these events and other recent trends through Haag’s quarterly Expert Technical Exchanges (ETEs). During these events, outside speakers and Haag’s own experts share their knowledge on a variety of topics that are relevant to the dynamic nature of both engineering practices and the evolving needs of our clients. 

Influenced by Haag’s 60+ years of hail research, Justin has long supported and participated in laboratory wind- and hail-related testing of building envelope materials and other products, such as solar panels. Haag’s testing lab achieved accreditation by IAS and greatly expanded its equipment and capabilities during Justin’s tenure as CEO.  

Justin champions effective communication and team collaboration at Haag Global, especially as it relates to executing large, complex projects. Some notable recent examples of complex projects involving large teams of experts that Justin supported include tornado damage assessments for Dallas Independent School District, litigation support for Hurricane Maria damage assessments of high-rise and multi-family developments in Puerto Rico, and fire damage assessment of the Jamalco bauxite refinery in Jamaica. These projects required seamless collaboration between Haag’s talented structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, construction consultants, meteorologists, and scanning experts to deliver comprehensive solutions.

There has been a multitude of impactful projects that have helped shape Justin’s career. From the Hoover Dam bypass bridge erection towers collapse to the Champlain Towers South collapse and Hurricane Katrina aftermath, each project has contributed to his growth and expertise. Furthermore, he acknowledges the influence of Haag legends who served as mentors and played pivotal roles in shaping his career trajectory. Since mentorship holds a special place in Justin’s professional ethos, he helped formalize a mentorship program at Haag in 2023. This program highlights the culture of support at Haag and the collaborative spirit that fuels success.

Justin Kestner’s multifaceted expertise, commitment to education, and dedication to mentorship exemplify the qualities that have defined Haag experts for decades. As President and CEO of Haag Global, Justin continues to drive a commitment to quality, integrity, innovation, and employee professional growth, contributing to the overall advancement of the engineering industry.

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