Expert Spotlight: Brandon Alaniz, Vice President, Principal Construction Consultant

Brandon Alaniz: Leading Innovation and Excellence in Construction Consulting

Brandon Alaniz has built an impressive career as a construction consultant, seamlessly blending his extensive construction knowledge, business acumen, and interpersonal skills. His journey in the construction industry spans over 27 years, during which he has cultivated deep expertise in building reconstruction, restoration, and equipment and machinery remediation. As of June 1st, Brandon serves as Vice President and Principal Construction Consultant at Haag’s Construction Consulting division. Brandon is responsible for overseeing all consulting services and ensuring the delivery of high-quality work products, primarily serving the insurance and legal industries.

One of Brandon’s most challenging projects was the El San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico, which was extensively damaged during Hurricane Maria in 2017. The hotel project presented a myriad of obstacles due to its island location and the large and complex nature of the claim. It tested all facets of his professional skills, from dealing with unique circumstances to navigating potential litigation. Brandon’s ability to meticulously gather and analyze information proved crucial in overcoming hurdles and highlights his capacity to manage even the most demanding assignments.

Brandon Alaniz - Vice President Expert Spotlight

Brandon’s approach to problem-solving is grounded in simplicity. He tackles complex issues by breaking them down into manageable steps, allowing him to steadily progress toward a solution. This methodical approach was particularly evident in his work on the Puerto Rico litigation claims and the Dallas Independent School District tornado damage in 2019. He introduced new scoping methods that utilized an expanded use of technology, efficiently collecting, transferring and managing data. By integrating this technology company-wide, Brandon has enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of documenting losses, providing clients with superior outcomes.

Team collaboration and effective communication are cornerstones of Brandon’s leadership style. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork in delivering timely and high-quality results. By fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and leveraging the diverse expertise within his team, Brandon ensures that projects are completed efficiently, regardless of their scale.

Throughout his career, Brandon has achieved numerous milestones. He takes pride in his journey from construction production to his current leadership role. A pivotal moment in his career was joining Haag, a company with a storied history in forensic engineering and construction consulting. Brandon was recognized with Haag’s Leadership and Mentorship awards two years in a row and was honored with the Project of the Year award several times as well, a testament to Brandon’s dedication and expertise.

Brandon’s advice for aspiring professionals is to leverage the knowledge of those around them and technology, which can set them apart in the industry. He also emphasizes the importance of time management and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Outside of work, Brandon coaches AAU competitive basketball teams, participates in his children’s soccer activities, and enjoys golfing and exploring nature with his family.

Looking ahead, Brandon is excited about the future of Haag Construction Consulting. He is committed to attracting and nurturing talent within his team, and continuing the significant growth Haag has experienced over the past eight years. His vision and dedication position him as a standout leader in construction consulting.

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