Ball Peen Hammer Test

Learn How to Identify Roof Damage That is Uncharacteristic of Hailstone Impact

Haag conducted a study on the effects of striking ball peen hammers against red cedar and composition shingle roofing. The results of this study will assist roof inspectors in identifying roof damage that is uncharacteristic of that caused by hailstone impact.

Haag has been assessing hail damage to all types of roofing products for more than 60 years.

Download this technical paper to learn more about the types of marks caused by ball peen hammers, and the differences between hail and ball-peen-hammer-caused damage.

Testing & Results

Composition Roof Panel

  • Round Marks
  • Star-Like Marks
  • Blemished Marks

Red Cedar Shingle Roof Panel

  • Heavy Blows
  • Light Blows
  • Moderate Blows

Differences Between Hail and Ball-Peen-Hammer-Caused Damage

  • Geometry
  • Pattern
  • Angle of Impact

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