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May Newsletter- Ice Ball Testing from Haag Research & Testing



As we celebrate Haag’s 95th anniversary in 2019, we are looking back at some of the noteworthy projects Haag Engineers and Consultants have been involved with over the last 95 years. Each month in 2019, this blog will feature one unique, important project, as selected by our senior staff. 
Haag’s Laboratory Hail Testing
Haag has performed hail impact testing of various building materials for decades. Our first ice ball launcher was developed in 1963 and helped Haag set the standard for hail damage assessment in the industry. Today, Haag Research & Testing Co. continues the Haag tradition of applying science and sound engineering principals in product testing and forensic analysis.
Our team uses cutting edge equipment that goes far beyond that imagined in 1963 when we launched our first ice ball. Now we can test roofing products in a wind simulator with speeds up to 180 mph, propel giant hailstones up to 4 inches in diameter, and even measure the thermal performance of roofing insulation to determine if hail-caused dents had any effect on the insulation R-value. 
Haag Research & Testing: Ice Ball Impact Testing
Haag’s patented ice ball launcher, the IBL-7, is our premier simulated hail testing tool. It’s fun to watch, and yet a serious research tool which produces velocities real hail achieves in free-fall or wind-driven conditions. We can test simulated hail sizes from ½ inch up to 2-1/4 inches on a variety of materials. Also, Haag’s IBL-9 can launch ice balls of 3 to 4 inches to simulate extreme hail. 
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