Charles Wayne Parish and Walter HaagHistory of Haag:

Building on a tradition of excellence since 1924

Forensic engineering was still an emerging discipline in 1924 when veteran civil engineer Walter G. Haag founded his consulting company in Dallas, Texas, to appraise or value properties for a sale of the business.  As his reputation grew, so did the forensic engineering field, and Mr. Haag began valuing properties after losses. By the time Mr. Haag retired from the company shortly before his death in 1956, forensic engineering was a full-fledged profession and Haag Engineering was ready to expand from North Texas to the world.

The man who set that expansion in motion was Charles W. Parish. A chemical engineer who came of age serving with the Army Air Force in the Pacific in World War II, Parish had come to work for Walter Haag in 1946. Taking over for his mentor 10 years later, he soon opened the company’s first satellite office, in Houston — just in time for Hurricane Carla. Since then, the growth of the company’s office network has been steady — expanding from Texas to Florida, Minnesota, Georgia, New Jersey, Missouri, and Colorado.

More important still has been the company’s ever-growing leadership in emerging specialties within the forensic engineering profession. Performing forensic engineering throughout the world in the fields of civil, structural, architectural, electrical, and mechanical engineering — that’s just the beginning.

Haag also operates a state-of-the-art research and testing laboratory specializing in materials testing; Haag advances the forensic engineering profession through an education department, allowing our engineers to share their scientifically-based approach to damage assessment through books and tools and live and online seminars; Haag conducts construction consulting by developing a detailed scope of work and translating that into a cost to repair estimate; and Haag documents new construction, sites being remodeled, and accident sites with the industry’s most advanced three-dimensional laser scanning (3D Solutions).

Simply put, it’s all about finding and communicating the facts. With their reputation for scientific rigor, precision, and for the clarity with which they impart their insights, Haag engineering and consulting professionals have become a vital resource for clients in the legal and insurance fields, architecture and construction, manufacturing, and many other industries.