Month: January 2022

Zachary Wienhoff, E.I.T., New Engineer & Meteorologist in Illinois

Zachary Wienhoff, E.I.T., is an Associate Engineer & Meteorologist with Haag Global. Based in Champaign, Illinois, Mr. Wienhoff provides forensic engineering evaluations related to

  • Roofing Systems 
  • Building Envelope Systems 
  • Evaluation of Wind Damage to Structures
  • Construction Defect Evaluations
  • Meteorological Investigations

He is an Engineering Intern in Illinois and an FAA-Licensed UAS Remote Pilot. His research is widely published in many technical journals and publications.

Mr. Wienhoff previously worked advising atmospheric sciences students on topics related to the EF-scale and non-linear damage patterns in significant tornadoes. He was an a Agricultural Meteorology Intern, where he worked with in-house quantitative precipitation estimation algorithm focused on improving rainfall estimates for farmers and internal company services. His field research and experiments include working as weather instrumentation field coordinator and coordinating/ assisting with post-tornado ground and aerial damage surveys. He worked as a Radar Operator/Field Coordinator studying tornado/supercell dynamics and nocturnal convection.

For more information or to speak with Zach Wienhoff, email or call 800.527.0168.